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Our Vision

The purpose of every healthcare establishment is to provide excellent medical services while constantly striving for improvement. How can a practice meet the challenge of advancing their quality of patient care while coping with rising costs and diminishing revenues from patients and insurance companies? The only effective strategy is a combination of enhanced management programs and breakthrough innovations in administrative and marketing techniques.

For the majority of healthcare providers, there are only two options. The provider can either devote countless hours and resources to developing these programs, at the expense of time spent with patients, or outsource these responsibilities to various contractors who offer only partial solutions and do not truly concern themselves with the overall performance of the medical practice.

ACCORDS alleviates a need to make this choice. ACCORDS has immense experience in providing healthcare practices with solutions that will prepare them to undertake any challenges of today’s volatile market. Our company’s extensive knowledge in medical and business administration goes back to 1990’s. This ample experience is supported by thirty years of IT background. In addition, ACCORDS has evolved from a medical practice, and, therefore, has a vast knowledge of the medical field and its intricacies.

At ACCORDS, instead of simply selling a fragmented, one-sided solution, we provide our customers with a well-structured health management mechanism developed for comprehensive business optimization and improvement of personnel productivity. The goal of our company is to alleviate the doctors’ burden of administrative and bureaucratic duties, while incorporating their ideas to increase revenue. We allow physicians to once again heal people on a full-time basis.

The full spectrum of services rendered by ACCORDS can be divided into five distinct categories: establishing and managing Electronic Health Records systems, providing revenue cycle management, facilitating practice optimization, launching compliance programs, and instituting Health Information Technology (HIT) centers. Let us discuss these services in detail.

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