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Practice Medicine With Piece of MindHow can a practice meet the challenge of advancing their quality of patient care while coping with rising costs and diminishing revenues from patients and insurance companies?
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We Can Help!The full spectrum of services rendered by ACCORDS can be divided into five distinct categories: establishing and managing Electronic Health Records systems, providing revenue cycle management, facilitating practice optimization, launching compliance programs, and instituting Health Information Technology (HIT) centers. Let us discuss these services in detail.
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Practice Streamlining

Practice streamlining covers a vast array of services designed to increase the efficiency of a medical practice, which include attracting practice-specific patients, providing them with better customer and medical service, inducting ancillary branches of business, and providing general administration of the medical practice. Effectively organized practice streamlines patient flow, increases revenue, and elevates healthcare to a new qualitative level.

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Medical Contact Center

Accord’s medical contact center services have been designed and optimized for robust eHealth support, ensuring accessible and responsive issue resolution for clinicians, administrative staff and patients.  Through rigorous training and superior technologies, we deliver first call resolution and build bridges to self-care, reducing future service costs.

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Revenue Optimizaion

Revenue optimization incorporates a wide range of services designed to reduce expenditures, increase income, and improve the schematics of profit distribution, resulting in a more financially viable commercial enterprise. In the medical field, revenue optimization includes payment recovery (such as billing and collections services), as well as cost and workflow analysis. Maintaining a professional revenue optimization team significantly improves the cash flow and financial resistive capacity of the practice.

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The medical industry is by far one of the most stringently regulated fields. A medical practice must conform to a number of criteria: HIPAA and OSHA standards, state, federal and insurance regulations. In addition, today’s practice faces an ever increasing legal exposure. There is also a strong movement for healthcare providers to be endorsed by accreditation agencies. Therefore, every successful medical practice will greatly benefit from a carefully designed compliance program.

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Health IT

Our HIT team ensures the smooth and secure operation of all aspects of our customers’ medical practices. The team members are responsible for installing, monitoring, providing technical support and upgrading your computer network. We ensure backup, protection and encryption of data, as well as reliability of the wireless access to it. HIT team also provides extensive training in information technology to our customers’ medical and administrative staff.

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Marketing Services

With 15 years of experience, Accord offers a wide range of marketing services to its clients aimed to increase lead generation and improve conversion rates of different ad sources.

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